Entertainer for Birthday Parties

Surprise Dance Entertainment Party For Your Daughter.

Make Her Know How Special She Is.

Entertainer for Birthday Parties

Throw A Suprise-Birthday Party Show to Your Daughter.

Make Her Remeber.

If you are looking forEntertainer for Birthday Parties, we can’t think of anything better than a Function and Party Band.  These live bands are very versatile which makes them suitable for all types of event.  They have plenty of experience in performing at parties and getting guests up on the dancefloor and in the mood.  It is always advisable to check with your chosen Function and Party Band which songs they can play in their repertoire to ensure they have current and up-to-date songs.  

Entertainer for Birthday Parties
Entertainer for Birthday Parties

Hire An Entertainer

With the popularity of reality television shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, Dance Acts are becoming a popular type of entertainment for all sorts of occasions.  If your daughter loves to watch dance acts, why not treat her and her guests to a performance from one of our available dance acts?  Each one specialises in their own style and genre of dance, so there is plenty of alternatives to choose from!

Imagine the look on your daughter’s face if Simon Cowell walked into her party!  Well, not the real Simon Cowell of course, but why not book a lookalike?  Lookalikes chat with guests and act like the real celebrity which can make for an evening full of fun and entertainment!  Some of them are so authentic looking that you can’t tell between the real celebrity or the lookalike!

How to Get Started

Let Us Find Out The Information About Your Guests and The Right Schedule For Your Event. We Will Daft Out A Formation.  And We Will Show You The Music, Dance and Instruments That We Will Use For Your Particular Event. Contact Kayo Now!

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