Kayo Yasuhara | Founder & Artistic Director

Komachi Goes Beyond Delivering Performances.

We Deliver Experiences.

Kayo Yasuhara | Founder & Artistic Director

Komachi Goes Beyond Delivering Performances.

We Deliver Experiences.

Kayo Yasuhara has studies in theater at the Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan. She has studies the fascination of the theater and arts of Japanese scene of the Kyogen, the Kabuki, the Kodan, the Rakugo and the Taïko. She has studies the Kyogen Izumi-Ryu and the Noguchii Taïso (a form of japanese gymnastic) with Mr Yukou Ishizuka and the danses of Kabuki with Mr. Isaburo Hanayagi. She has obtain her baccalaureate in dramatic art in 1990.

Kayo Yasuhara


In the years of ’90, she has participed in several theater play, comedies, TV episode and also played in the opera. In 1992, she had taken the first role, « Natsumi », in the theater play The Summer in Karafuto 1945 at the theater Tsukiji Hongan-ji of Tokyo. She also play the role of a samuraï « Natsunoshin » in the play Shimotsuki no Hoshi no shita de (Under the sky of November) at the Akashi Studio of Tokyo.

Then she took popular chant and jazz with Ms Linda Griffin in Los Angeles.

Since 1996, she regularly interpreted Kabuki’s style dances (of which she is the choreographer) on tops of singing traditionnels Japanese chants at Montreal and in Quebec during Japanese culture related events.

In the year 2000, she became member of the Montreal Japanese percussion troupe Arashi Daiko while still taking singing course with Mr. Ivon Claude of the Orphée Studio of Montreal. In the summer of 2006, she take on the training in the folkloric Japanese with Mr. Shohei Kikuchi, president of the traditionnel Japanese dance association « Manyoshu », in the prefecture of Akita in the Northern Japan. It will be in the spring of 2006 in which she will became member of the Matsu Take group where she will dances, sings and plays Japanese percussion.

Kayo YasuharaIn 2007, she founded the Yume Mirai group and together with the student, they participated in many festival. In 2010, the group changed name for Komachi Montreal.

Ms Yasuhara has played in many TV shows, television advertisement and also web production since 2010. She also performed at the Théatre de 4’Sous the spectacle « Les Atomes » with Martin Léon (Martin has won the 2013 theater director award at the Gala de ADISQ).

She also performed with the Japanese folkloric music groupe « Ten Ten » in the spectacle « Odori to Ten » in 2009, « Odori ni Ten » in 2013 and a concert in the TAIWAN fest at Toronto in the summer of 2015.

In mars 2016, she made 4 representation of the spectacle Okuni – Founder of Kabuki which she created and choreographed at Studio 303 in Montreal.


Komachi Montreal


Komachi Montreal is a group of folkloric Japanese dancer. There speciality is the Minyō’s style folkloric dance. It is a style that express the joy of dancing, celebrating or to give courage to work. From the teaching of Ms. Kayo Yasuhara, the dancers learn the dance which as transcended throughout the century and presented the dances that comes from all over Japan there for to discover the vast diversity of the Japanese culture to the public.

Komachi Montreal was founded by Mrs. Kayo Yasuhara in 2007. She has been, for many years, an active member of the Montreal’s Arashi Daiko Japanese drums group. For many years, she was the main dancer of the traditional Japanese music group Ensemble Matsu Take of Montreal.

In the summer of 2006, Kayo did intensive learning in the Japanese folkloric dance with Mr. Shohei Kikuchi in Tazawa-ko, in the Akita prefecture of Japan. In the summer of 2007, she started to make presentation of the Japanese folkloric dance with the community group Yume-Mirai. At the time, Yume-Mirai gave performance in certains festival and Japanese event.

After a few shows, the dance troupe Yume-Mirai flew to Japan to follow the lessons of the teacher Shohei Kikuchi to learn new moves, multiply the dance aptitude and understanding the very essence of Japanese folklore..

Kayo is great Japanese dance teacher. She deserves to be much better known in Montreal and she should have 10 times more students learning from her. She combines superlative technical skills with emotional presentation in her dance lessons. She is simply one of the best teachers in North America as far as Japanese dance is concerned. 

Arvind Pradhan

Chef de division - informatique, Ville de Montréal

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