Kayo Yasuhara

Passionate Artist for Traditional Japanese Dance

About Kayo

Kayo Yasuhara studied theater at Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan. She has studied the fascinating theaters and performing arts of Japan such as Kyogen, Kabuki, Kodan, Rakugo and Taiko. She studied Kyogen Izumi-ryu and Noguchii Taiso (a form of Japanese gymnastics) with Mr. Yukou Ishizuka, and Kabuki dances with Mr. Isaburo Hanayagi. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts in 1990.

Beginning of Komachi

In the summer of 2006, she began training in Japanese folk dance with Mr. Shohei Kikuchi, president of the Japanese traditional dance association “Manyoshu” from Akita prefecture, located in northern Japan. In the spring of 2006, she became a member of the Ensemble Matsu Také with which she dances, sings and plays Japanese percussion.In 2007, she founded the Yume Mirai group with students, and participated in several festivals together. In 2010, the group changed its name to Komachi Montreal.


She dances while smiling. 


She plays Shamisen while singing.


She drums while dancing.


Since 2010, Kayo Yasuhara has appeared in several TV shows and television ads, as well as in web productions. She also performed on stage at the Théâtre de 4’Sous with Martin Léon during the show “Les Atomes”. (In addition, Martin won the director’s award in 2013 at the ADISQ Gala).

In March 2016, she presented 4 performances of the show Okuni – Founder of Kabuki that she created and choreographed at Studio 303 in Montreal.

Kayo is great Japanese dance teacher. She deserves to be much better known in Montreal and she should have 10 times more students learning from her. She combines superlative technical skills with emotional presentation in her dance lessons. She is simply one of the best teachers in North America as far as Japanese dance is concerned.

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